Taking The Plunge Into Offroad Addiction
Taking The Plunge Into Offroad Addic...

Gareth from the UK contacted me last week after seeing a tracksntrails dirtadventurepattaya  video`s posted on youtube, after recently buying a mountainbike and being a pattaya local he was curious to know some good trails, I advise that if you have fun riding the trails close to pattaya on a moutainbike then you can multiply […]

Adventure tourism Fundamentals Tracks N Trails
Adventure tourism Fundamentals Track...

Adventure tourism is a rapidly growing sector of the tourism industry, but what exactly is it? Adventure tourism is at its simplest a niche type of tourism that focuses on getting the tourist into an adventurous or exhilarating experience rather than a calm and serene one that is normally expected of tourism. It can include […]

Dirt bike Adventure tours pattaya, Thailand
Dirt bike Adventure tours pattaya, T...

Our Dirt bike adventure tour pattaya is guaranteed to yield a true adrenaline buzz, if you are a complete beginner a seasoned rider or a racer, we are ready to fit a dirt bike adventure tour around your level of riding. Dirt bike riding is great, exhilerating for the body and the mind, it gives […]

Action sport activities Pattaya
Action sport activities Pattaya

Dirtbike riding – bungy jumping – gokart tracks – skydiving – scuba diving – ATV – horseriding and the list goes on, Pattaya really is getting itself established as a great place to visit if your interests lye with these kind of activities. its an interesting place to be and looks to have a good […]