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Is it possible to book a days training tour with no deposit payment?

If you are booking a day tour 20% deposit or complete 100% payment must be made. If you're unable to make a deposit payment please call us when you're here in Pattaya prior to your tour date to possibly join a tour with available space.

Are there any available tours this week for me and my friends to join?

We at have installed the latest online booking software allowing you to not only to book your tour with ease but also inform you of availability on said dates. Whether making a deposit payment or paying in full online we aim to make the process as easy as possible.

What are the difficulty levels of the trails?

At Tracks N Trails Enduro Training by Enduro Madness we pride ourselves on our flexibility regarding skill levels and experience. All of our training and routes are tailored to every rider after a comprehensive assessment by our trained professional tour guides. For route planning and skill assessment please notify Enduro-Madness regarding previous experience and skill levels prior to your tour via our website.

What is the most preferable season to ride in Thailand?

We are lucky at Tracks N Trails by Enduro Madness to be positioned along Thailand's Eastern Seaboard with its luscious countryside and epic landscapes, we are also blessed with minimal weather fluctuations compared with many other areas of Thailand. Join us during tourist low season (Jun, Jul and Aug) and enjoy our unforgettable tours through light mists of scattered showers into dazzling sunshine. Also enjoy the freedom of the city with much less hustle and bustle to contend with. For some seriously hardcore and seriously fun off-roading come and join us during rainy season (Sept, Oct and Nov) when not only do the rains bring the luscious countryside to life but make all of the trails that bit more exciting with flowing streams and gushing waterfalls. High Tourist season (Dec to Mar) is equally as beautiful with slightly cooler and drier conditions. The Fun continues through April and May as the temperature rises so will your adrenaline levels. There really is no bad time to come and experience Tracks N Trails Pattaya Enduro and Motocross Training.

Is all gear and equipment supplied by Tracks N trails for the tour?

All you need is yourself and your sense of adventure. We will collect you by minibus from your hotel around 9.30am on your tour date. When you arrive at the Enduro Madness center our friendly girls will get you suited and booted from head to toe in the best in protective equipment ready to rock and roll by 10.30am. Lunch will be provided at one of the rest breaks throughout the day and you will be greeted with an ice cold beer at the end of your day before your hotel transfer.

Does the package include hotel transfers?

All transfers in the surrounding areas of Pattaya are included in the tour price with a 2,500 THB surcharge for Bangkok transfers. All transfers are collected by our modern air-conditioned minibuses.

Is Tax added in the tour price?

All prices are as shown (tax included)

I’m interested in the Father and son Training Tour. How old does my son need to be?

Our minimum riding age is 13 but only with parent’s signed permission prior to tour and riding our Kawasaki klx 125cc during the tour.

I’m travelling alone is it ok to book as a solo rider on a training day tour and can I join in with a group?

You will be added to another group only if yours and the groups abilities are similar “check out our skill assessment page” with a maximum of 4 riders per training instructor.

If I join a group as a solo rider will I benefit from the group discount promotion?

Unfortunately the group riders discount is only offered to groups booking together therefore you would not be added onto the discount as a single booked rider. If you book as a single rider you’ll complete a tour with one of our skilled tour guides or join a group of the same riding ability to yourself.

Is the half day or the full day ride recommended?

Although off-road biking is fun it is a workout so if you have poor fitness we advise a three hour tour. Alternatively if you feel your fitness levels are moderate to good we would advise taking the all day tour because:

a) The value for money.

b) For beginners and novice off-road riders the morning can be spent getting confident with the gears and the bikes on our training track. This puts you in a great position after lunch to hit the trails with confidence and get the most out of your day.

c) Although we have some of the world’s best trails on our door step it takes a complete day to get to and from the most challenging and most rewarding trails.

d) The customer is always right and 95% of our half day tour riders say that they wished they’d completed the full day and 99% of our day riders tell us it was indeed the highlight of their holidays and sometimes even the best day they have ever had! Time flies when the adrenaline is pumping so take the full day and enjoy!

Is it a possibility that other people may join our tour?

We will only ever pair people with a training tour of similar skill levels. Alternatively if this is not possible you will ride alone with your own guide.

Does Enduro-Madness supply accident insurance?

A liability disclaimer must be signed before taking part in any of our tours. We like to make it clear that all customers participate understanding the risks and are aware Enduro Madness does not offer accident insurance. We recommend to all participants that they have holiday insurance and check it covers such activities before taking part. We at Enduro madness take the well-being of our customers very seriously but as an extreme sport we always recommend cover for the rare case of an injury and personal peace of mind.

Do you charge for bike damages?

Here at Tracks N Trails by Enduro Madness we understand off-road biking in itself is an extreme sport with extreme trails and tracks so falls are to be expected and no charges will be received for small scratches and in most cases nothing will break on the bike when dropped. The bikes are purposely built for drops and falls. In case of more severe damage such as headlights broken and handlebars bent charges will be received but luckily all of our bikes are made in Thailand so parts are readily available and cheap. There will be no charges for mechanical problems.

If on a tour and my bike has a break down what is the procedure?

If you are unlucky enough to encounter mechanical problems during a tour it’s no problem. Our skilled tour guides will use their expertise to try and solve the issue. If the issue is unfixable on site one of our guides can switch with the broken bike and continue the tour after a brief respite, while our recovery vehicle will tend to the bike and our second tour guide.

What other choices of bike do you offer?

None. The benefits of using the Thailand produce Kawasaki KLX and Honda CRF dirt bikes is that it allows us keep our tour prices low and in the eventuality of damage we can offer minimum charges to our customers. Cheap parts allow us to keep our fleet maintained to the highest possible specification and gives us the option of replenishing our fleet with new bikes on a much more regular basis.

If we have our own riding gear is there any discount offered?

A 500THB discount is offered to riders wearing their own gear and feel free if it makes you feel more comfortable but we always advise the use of our gear to save packing your own. We offer only the best equipment to our riders. No discount is offered on our multi day tours as equipment will be cleaned daily by staff.

Do you charge for bike damages?

Here at Tracks N Trails by Enduro Madness we understand off-road biking in itself is an extreme sport with extreme trails and tracks so falls are to be expected and no charges will be received for small scratches and in most cases nothing will break on the bike when dropped. The bikes are purposely built for drops and falls. In case of more severe damage such as headlights broken and handlebars bent charges will be received but luckily all of our bikes are made in Thailand so parts are readily available and cheap. There will be no charges for mechanical problems.

Can you inform me of available dates for single rider training tours?

Our online checking website is easy to navigate and will give you all available tour dates at the click of a button. You may book a solo rider tour and will only be added to a small group if you are of a similar ability.

Is a driving license required for your tours?

No license is required for single day tours as the day is spent riding mostly on tracks and trails. For the Enduro Madness multi day tours complimentary scooters are provided so we recommend obtaining an international driving license. Your travel insurance could be deemed invalid if you fail to obtain a driving license.

Do you have a photo or video service?

We offer the use of our GoPro action cam. The world’s greatest and most versatile high-definition action camera. Capture your day in high definition and have all your off-road climbs and falls on a 16 GB SD card only 1000 Baht. Your instructors will also take photos of you free of charge.

Is accommodation included in the two and three day tour price?

Hotel accommodation is not included for our two and three tours although transfers to and from Pattaya city hotels are included in the tour price collection 9.15am and drop off around 5:00pm. We leave from the Enduro Madness center every day but each day will see new trail and challenges!

Is there a Transfer service to and from Bangkok? How long is the journey?

We offer a Transfer service using our top end air-conditioned minibuses from and to Bangkok for 2,500 Baht. Travel time two hours (traffic permitting).

Will heavy rain result in tour cancellation?

At Tracks N Trails by Enduro-Madness we welcome the rain. If anything a good tropic downpour will only add to the tours fun and experience.

Do you take card payment on site or only cash?

There is no card machine on site at Enduro Madness so please bare this in mind and bring cash to pay for your tour on the day.

Is training included in the Novice riders Enduro-Madness day tour?

Yes! Although the Enduro Madness day tour is not a specific training event we still offer training and tips wherever appropriate. For our novice riders the beginning of the tour will be spent on our training track becoming familiar with the bikes and gaining confidence to hit the trails. As the day continues our professional tour guides will offer further tips and training as you attempt new skills and different terrains often repeating parts of the track to gain confidence. Our guides will constantly assess your progression and may drop back to view your technique and offer advice.

Is travel insurance required for all tours?

Travel insurance is highly advisable for any trip abroad including Thailand. Travel insurance is compulsory for the Enduro Madness multi day holiday tours. Although Thailand is one of the world’s foremost holiday destinations and for good reason the country has a definite divide between high class standards and let’s say second or third class. Peace of mind and soul please find a policy that will protect and cover you in all eventualities.

I’m a novice rider and am worried the full day will be too much for me, do you recommend the half day?

For riders of lesser abilities we’d actually recommend the all day tour to allow yourself time to become comfortable with the bikes during our morning training session, giving you a chance to take full advantage of all of the tracks and trails with a higher sense of confidence. All tours are tailored to the rider so there is no such thing as “not good enough” at Enduro Madness.

What are the directions to the Enduro-Madness Base? I will be driving myself.

If you decide to make your own way to our location simply search for Enduro madness Pattaya on your smartphone or Google Maps and you will be lead straight to us.

What is your cancellation policy?


  • Cancellations 14+ days before tour date there will be an administration cancellation fee of 50% of deposit or 10% of full tour cost. Any balance will be returned or an alternative date can be rearranged
  • Cancellations made 2-13 days before the tour date there will be a cancellation fee of 20% of tour cost. If booking has been fully paidl Awesome Adventures Co., ltd will return the balance
  • Any cancellations less than 48 hours and guys that don’t show up on their tour date will not receive any refund