Dirt Bike Adventure Thailand

Dirt Bike Adventure Thailand Tracks-n-trails pattaya are running offroad dirtbike trail rides, Starting with our standard tour that will take you out for 2 hours as an introduction to dirtbike riding. Details of this tour are at the link below. We are very safety consious for new riders and will not be blasting along and […]

Off road Enduro Training

Off Road motorcycles work the same way as almost any other motorcycle but the technique to ride a motorcycle Off Road is far removed from that of a road Motorcycle. If you are interested to learn a good solid basic technique for riding an Off Road motorcycle or would like to start riding road motorcycles […]

Half Day Trail Ride
Half Day Trail Ride

Tracks N Trails Pattaya introductory trail ride adventure.
This program is the perfect choice for a beginner or riders with little experience.
it’s also the perfect ride if you don’t have much time or have limited fitness.
After arriving and completing rider registration you will kit out in riding and safety gear. A […]

Full Day Trail Ride
Full Day Trail Ride

The full day trail ride is for the novice rider up to much more experienced dirt bike riders. What ever your level of riding experience is, will be the pace that we ride on this tour. ( Unless your name is Cyril Despres! )   The jungle trails we use on this tour are quite […]