Half Day Trail Ride

Half Day Trail Ride

Program 1:
Tracks N Trails Pattaya introductory trail ride adventure.
This program is the perfect choice for a beginner or riders with little experience.
it’s also the perfect ride if you don’t have much time or have limited fitness.
After arriving and completing rider registration you will kit out in riding and safety gear.
A short tutorial will follow for the non riders.
If you have never driven a manual geared motorcycle before I will teach you how to safely ride in approximately 1 hour. Unlike other tours It is not necessary to book a full or half day program just to learn to ride.
I’m a qualified riding instructor so within 1 hour you will be riding at a safe and confident level and then we go out onto the trail riding adventure.
The listed ride time is 2 hours. I don’t like looking at the watch all the time, if we are having fun then we don’t just say “right times up back to base”…. Life is for living and bikes are for riding!!
The trails are fun, sandy in parts and rocky technical in others, accents and descents, streams, ruts and bumps. The ride is through open farmland with plantations and crop fields. Occasionally we will stop for a water and to take a picture. The views are stunning.
I will give you Tuition and tips on your riding throughout the trail ride. I’m English and will speak to you clearly in English so you can understand everything.
You will go home afterwards feeling tired but you will gain basic riding technique and some understanding of how the bike works.

(Please contact for multiple rider discounts)

Includes :

  • Well maintained Kawasaki 250 motorcycle with various modifications for off road.
  • Riding and safety equipment (MX helmet, boots, kit, body protector, gloves, eye protection)
  • Refreshments throughout the ride.
  • Pick up from the hotel.
  • Total time for this activity is 3+ hours if you are a new rider. Add approximately 30 minutes travel time.
  • (If you can already ride a motorcycle off road the price is 3,000 baht, 1000 Baht is for rider training)
  • To book this trail ride please click the booking button to pay now or get in touch through the contact us link

Program 2:
Half Day Trail Rides for riders with a little more experience.

Our half day trail ride is everything from the 2 hour trail ride but with a bit extra thrown in.
A few extra loops and some slightly more challenging sections, we will ride on some lovely single track trails in the woods, cross the occasional muddy bog, some quite steep ascents and fantastic views that most tourist dont get to see.

The cost of the Half Day Trail Ride is: 5,000Baht (Please contact for multiple rider discounts)
This includes:

  • dirt bike + fuel
  • helmet, boots
  • pants, shirt
  • armor, knee guards
  • goggles, gloves

After arrival riders will sign on, get kitted up with riding and safety gear, a quick run over the bike controls and a short demo ride to assess your riding ability, Then straight out onto the trails, we will ride at a reasonable speed ( your pace ) we will not pull you along and we will not leave you behind.
Terrain Description : Open farmlands to start, some twisting single track, sandy break between plantations, elevation with ascents and descents, rocky technical, forest trails, beautiful views! Plenty of water stops and photos if you want.
Everywhere is open so it has that great free riding feeling.. No barbed wire, fences walls gates or stiles to mess about with..
Total time is around 4 hours, give or take for tired or fun time…riding at a reasonable pace.

To book this trail ride please use the booking button to pay now or get in touch through the contact us link