Riding Dirt Bikes just gets better.

And the study goes on……. In a separate study – results released earlier this year – it has been found that dirt bike riding improves quality of life. “Off-road riders have high levels of mental and physical functioning quality of life(QOL). Given their higher physical function, off‐road motorcycle riders are less likely than all terrain […]

The Healthy Motorcycle Rider Tracks ...

I came accross this recent study after a conversation with my brother,the second stage of a research project into the relationship between motorcycle riding and brain stimulation conducted jointly by Tohoku University and Yamaha is due to wrap up this month, December 2010. Findings of the first stage of this project released in Mar 2009 […]

Tracks n Trails Tour testimonials

What an adventure! I took the 2 hour tour with Tracks N Trails and had a brilliant time. I was picked up from my hotel in pattaya and transferred to the bike centre in 15 minutes. Upon arrival i was given a safety briefing with riding tips and full details on how the bike worked and what to expect. Jonny has been riding the trails for years and […]

Dirt Bike riding in the tropics of Thailand
Dirt Bike riding in the tropics of T...

Going out on the trails in this part of the world is demanding, for start off the temperature is high and the climate is humid, so it is very important to be prepared, you need to be well hydrated and you need to stay hydrated. Dirt Bike riding in the tropics of Thailand, The trails […]