Tracks N Trails Pattaya Thailand

Tracks N Trails Pattaya Thailand

Motorbike riding Pattaya

Tracks N Trails enduro and motorcross tours… …there is no other trip in Pattaya that can offer such excellent personalised lessons and service for the non rider,, We are also the only company offering the enduro enthusiast and serious rider the oportunity to ride as hard as you possibly want on amazing open and technical enduro trail’s giving you a true hard enduro free riding adventure, unlike other tours you will NOT be grouped together with other riders outside of your traveling partners, with this you will not be riding in a big group with riders you don’t know that would all have different riding ability. Also during the dry season in Thailand the dust can be terrible! more riders equals more dust and the danger level goes up, smaller groups equals less dust, less dust means more fun!! so we run up to 4 bikes.

Our trip ensures that you are comfortable at your own level as a novice or can push you full throttle if that’s what makes you buzz…we can tailor the dirt bike enduro trips around your ability and give you the best off road enduro motorcross experience you will ever have, we do not believe in corporate selling here at Tracks N Trails and we believe in the raw pleasure of dirt biking at its best and giving our customers the most awesome time of their lives, don’t hesitate!! get into your petrol head.. let us whip you up into a frenzy on a jungle tour for the more experienced riders or kick back with a scenic ride and practice your ability on the steady open trails with technical coaching by professional instructor.

Our trip takes you into the amazing Thai countryside. The short introductory ride of around 3 hours has plenty of stops for water and great photo opportunity.
The longer rides aimed at the more experienced advanced rider has stops as you require and lunch is included.

For non riders that wish to take part that have never ridden a motorbike we offer TRAINING!! Yes you can learn to ride with Tracks n Trails Pattaya. Dont get tricked into expensive rider training courses!! with Tracks n Trails you can learn to ride in just 1 hour,, Yes 1 hour and then still get out for the 2-3 hours of off road adventure in the same session. training by professional English native speaking coach with step by step clear instruction. (20+ years of off road experience)

Participating in any form of motorsport is a dangerous activity and can involve the risk of injury, because of the danger of participating in motorsports, you must recognize the importance of following rules and regulations established by Tracks’n’Trails and agree to obey such rules, regulations, and instructions.