Dirt Adventure Pattaya Dirt Bike Tour with Garry from USA

Dirt Adventure Pattaya Dirt Bike Tour with Garry from USA

A telephone call came through from a guy called Garry from the states, he’d spotted a bit of ourn advertising and planned a half day ride for the following Sunday, we met and went to Bike Lane to get kitted up, Garry is no spring chicken on paper but let me tell that he is ripped for his age and in amazing shape, he’s super keen on his diet along with his exercise and it showed because he bounces about like a young lad.

I asked of his riding experience? just because I worried that he was going to lead me on the tour and I might have to try to keep up with him, I know what some of these older boys can be like on the bikes.
Lucky for me Garry had been riding on & off most of his life but never actually raced or anything, I was relieved to say the least, after all running a business like this and getting customers that make you look like a beginner can’t be a good feeling…..

We hit the trails and looking behind I saw Garry standing up and riding in what I can see as text book “Dirt Bike Riding style” we swept through the first few kilometers like a breeze and headed past the horse farm with the hill in our sight, I rounded a turn and looked back, Garry didn’t show so I doubled back to see where he was. We had gone through the feeling and amount of traction there would be on the variety of surfaces we would ride, talking of the hard packed clay roads that have a scattering of dusty gravel over the top, I liken it to riding on marbles or possibly slicks in the wet.
Garry had slipped out rounding the turn and gone down, he was completely fine so we straightened the bike out and pressed on, we made for the hill behind the polo farm, but first down the straight and through the long soft sand track that leads that way, I like that track and if the customer doesn’t look tired enough near the end of the tour I ride back through there on the way home just for good measure, Garry and I had enough on our plate as we were woods bound, but first we went to the top of the hill behind the polo farm.
The tracks that lead up the hill are completely different throughout the year, they must get a tractor up there sometimes because they look graded and smooth, but the rain hits so hard here and the sun is so strong and intense. The rain causes huge deep cracks cutting down and through the trail, it exposes lots of rocks that look nice and polished, then the sun bakes it all solid just for good measure, to say the least its pretty tricky to get up sometimes, we got up there though and managed to get a few shots for the video.
On we went heading to the woods, crossing some flat open land near a golf course we came across another group of riders and said hi, but the over weight one at the front seemed to have a bit of whiskey throttle and was getting hostile, first I thought it was because his pants were to tight, but after I realized he was angry because he couldn’t ride so well! he caught me up and pulled alongside I thought he was going to ask me to teach him to ride but then out of the blue he took of his helmet and tried to kiss me! I refused and drove away, it’s not that people were watching, I just don’t bat for that side!
We came out to ride not canoodle in the bushes.

I waited for Garry and we moved along, the trail leading to the woods cuts through lots of plantations of pineapple and tapioca, it’s a scenic little drive and has a few tricky parts to it. Garry had laid the bike down on a couple of corners and virtually spent hisself lifting it back up again, we were both feeling weary and so a break was the call! I pulled out the resorb hydration tabs for Garry after his expression that he’d hit the wall and it had fallen on him.
After a long breather and gathering ourselves for a while, we decided to head back to base, by the time we arrived back at Bike Lane Garry was feeling much better, he told me how much he enjoyed it and that he’ll be back for sure on his return to Thailand and with a bit of hope he would bring a few of his buddies from the states to join us.
I had a great time with Garry, I enjoyed the conversations with him and hope I will be as fit and as happy as he looks when I’m his age….

Here Is what Garry had to say.

Hi Jonny,

Thanks a million for being such a gracious host, patient coach and an all around
great guide who is highly skilled in leading your fellow enthusiasts over hill
and dale and through the jungle with the just the right balance between the
adrenaline we seek and the safety we need!!! All of your equipment and gear
were top-notch and you were prepared for everything (and then some). I would
never consider anyone else because I could not imagine ever getting better
treatment by anyone anywhere! To me, you and your operation are number one!
That’s why I am now busy putting together at least three of my riding buddies to
come back with me to ride with you again!!!

Until then . . . all the best,